Introduction & History


Ashraf Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd., is a pharmaceutical company of Islamic medicine, generally known as Greek System of medicine, and also named as Arabic Medicine & Traditional Medicine. It is one of the pioneers and leaders in Pakistan in the pharmaceutical sphere of this system which is indebted for its advancement to the valuable & enviable contribution of the great Muslim scholars and physicians of the Islamic era.

Ashraf’s medicines are prepared with the natural resources, like herbs, minerals and metals etc. generally having neither side effects nor residual effects, which is a remarkable achievement of the system and its pharmacy. No other system can boast of this distinction. Thanks to the nature and the natural herbal system which serves the humanity in its real sense.

Company History

Ashraf Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd. was established in 1939 at Verowal, a small town of Amritsar (India), by founder Maulana Hakim Abdur-Rahim Ashraf (Marhum), a well-known physician, Tibbi researcher & leader, religious scholar, educationist, journalist and social reformer. It was a very humble start but with a profound devotion and professionalism, soon its products gained popularity among the masses due to their efficacy. When Islamic Republic of Pakistan came into existence in 1947, the founder of Ashraf Laboratories migrated to this new home of the Muslims, and after settling in Faisalabad (then Lyallpur) resumed his professional pursuits.
With the Grace of Almighty Allah, in a very short period, the products of Ashraf Laboratories, established its market among the physicians and the masses. Their demand grew day by day. And within a span of one decade it proved to be one of the biggest manufacturing units in the country.


Ashraf Laboratories’ services in the field of Tibbi pharmaceutical industry were acknowledged, not only in Pakistan but also internationally. By the Grace of Almighty Allah, Ashraf Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd. became the First Award Winning Company of Islamic Medicine (Tibb-e-Unani) in 1990 by obtaining the 15th International Award for the Best Trade Name in Madrid, Spain, and the 20th Golden Trophy for Quality in 1992.