Maulana Hakeem Abdur Rahim Ashraf (رحمة الله عليه)

He was a well reputed religious scholar, preacher, reformer, educationist, journalist, orator, writer, physician and a Tibbi leader.

 Born in 1919 in Verowal, Amratsar, India, where he was scholarly educated in religion and Tibb and afterwards he devoted his life to preach Islam, unite Ummah and serve ailing humanity with competency and innovative approach towards Tibb-e-Islami (Unani). Thousands of patients benefitted from his un-paralleled and un-matched outstanding qualities as a physician all over Pakistan. Millions and millions of them used the quality medicines, produced by him and under his patronage, during last many decades. 

 In 1939, he started his professional career as a manufacturer of Unani medicine and it gained popularity among the masses by its quality, purity and efficacy. His masterly devised formulations and preparations remained very close to the hearts of people on the globe. With the Grace of Almighty Allah, they still remain on top of the list.
Maulana Hakeem Abdur Rahim Ashraf was the founder editor of Monthly Rahnuma-e-Sehhat and Fortnightly Khabar Nama-e-Tibb. These magazines were aimed at promoting Tibb-e-Islami and its research, acquainting masses with health problems and their Tibbi solutions. He was also founder editor of Monthly Al-Minber which aims at serving the cause of Islam & Islamic Ummah. He was a Tibbi leader and lead the physicians of Pakistan at the platform of Pakistan Tibbi Conference with utmost sincerity, devotion & commitment and achieved unparalleled laurels. He also founded Jamia Taleemat-e-Islamia and Jamia Tibbia Islamia for producing great scholars of Islam and Tibb. These institutions are well reputed at national & international level. After his decades long meritorious service to Islam, Islamic Ummah, Pakistan & Tibb, this great man breathed his last on 28th June, 1996.