Matab Ashraf, as a clinic, has been serving the ailing humanity since the very beginning of our concern. For more than 70 years it has rendered meritorious services towards this noble objective. Thousands of patients have been treated successfully in these years. This department also provides the patients with the facilities of free consultation and guidance through correspondence.

Tibbi Board

Matab Ashraf, with its unique feature, has introduced, probably for the first time in the Tibbi history of Pakistan , a board of leading Tabeebs of the country, to use their collective wisdom and experience for curing the patients suffering from acute, chronic and complicated diseases.

Hajama Centre

The word ‘hajama’ means ‘drawing out’ in Arabic. Hajama is a safe, non-invasive and economical way of curing and preventing diseases. Hajama is a Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad صل الله عليه و سلم  and it is extensively reported in a wide collection of authentic Ahadith.  Its practice is strongly recommended and emphasized in a number of narations. The practice of Hajama forms an integral part of Islamic Prophetic Medicine.


Hajama in Health

Hajama is a therapy that heals but it can also prevent many major illnesses from forming, before they occur.

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