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Ashraf Liniment
For rheumatism, inflammatory edema caused by pneumonia, pleurisy, hurts’ swelling and neurosclerosis.

Demãgh Afroz C.T.
Protects mental vitalities, increases the qualities of memory and intelligence.

Tila-e-Shabãb Khãs-ul-Khãs
For weakness, crookedness and out-surfaced veins of genital organ.

Tila-e-Shahbãb Sãda
Cures weakness of genital organ & its out-surfaced veins.

For otalgia, otitis, othelcosis, tinnitus and amblykusis.

Mufeed Dhãra
For cholera, abdominal pain, vomiting and nausea, anorexia & headache. It is used externally for toothache, myalgia, neuralgia & biting of poisonous insects.